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Occasional Papers

The Bailiffs of Derby: Urban Governors and their Governance 1513–1638

By Richard Clark

This new monograph provides a full picture of the Derby bailiffs, who they were and what they did between the early sixteenth century and the eve of the Civil War.

The Derbyshire Papist Returns of 1705–6

Edited by Richard Clark

Occasional paper No.5

The Diary of Joseph Jenkinson of Dronfield, 1833–43

Edited by Kathleen M. Battye

Occasional Paper No.7 Out of print.

A Glossary of Household, Farming and Trade Terms from Probate Inventories

Compiled by Rosemary Milward

Occasional Paper No.1, 3rd Edition 1986

How to trace your Ancestors in Derbyshire

By Philip Riden

Occasional Paper No.4 Out of print.

An Index to The Reliquary, First Series, Volumes 1–26, 1860–86

Compiled by Philip Riden

Occasional paper No.2 Out of print.

The Nottingham and Derby Railway Companion 1839

with an introduction by J. B. Radford

Occasional Paper No.3
The Nottingham and Derby Railway Companion 1839 Facsimile edition. Out of print.

Trent Navigation Company Gauging Books 1799–1919

Edited by Hywel Maslen

In 1798 the Trent Navigation Company established, on behalf of the four canal companies serving the Erewash valley coalfield and the coalowners, a system for registering boats using these waterways. Details of the boats were printed in books issued by the Trent Navigation Company.

University Theses Relating to Derbyshire 1898–2012

Compiled by Cerys Helen Parkin

Occasional Paper No.8

Victoria County History of Derbyshire Handbook

By Philip Riden

Occasional Paper No.9