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The Derbyshire Record Society

The DRS was established in 1977 to publish edited texts, monographs and pamphlets relating to the history of the county. Since then it has issued almost 50 hardback volumes and eight Occasional Papers. Several new titles are in preparation. There is no fixed interval between publications, but the society tries to produce a book every year. A public meeting, usually with a lecture by the book's editor, marks the appearance of each title.

Our programme seeks to strike a balance between different aspects of Derbyshire life, different parts of the county, and different periods. The DRS has also published material of national as well as a local interest, such as the building accounts of Hardwick Hall, and documents not previously chosen for publication by record societies, such as the Minutes of The Chesterfield Canal Company. As well as traditional record texts, the DRS has issued several monographs based on original research.

There are also Occasional Papers such as University Theses Relating to Derbyshire and Derbyshire Victoria County History Handbook

Whatever their subject, the society aims to produce books of permanent value, carefully edited, thoroughly indexed, illustrated where appropriate, and printed and bound to a high standard. All titles are produced in sufficient quantity to ensure they remain in print for a number of years.

Unlike some similar organisations, the DRS does not require members to buy every title as it appears, nor does the annual subscription include the cost of that year's publication. Members pay a small annual subscription (currently £10) or life membership (£150) and can then buy any quantity of any title at a substantial discount, usually 50%. Members' purchases are also post free.